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Diane Alston

Diane Alston


Professor and Co-Director Graduate Program

Contact Information

Office Location: BNR 210
IconPhone: 435-797-2516


My research interests are integrated pest management and development and validation of biorational technologies for key horticultural pests on fruits and vegetables.  My research focus is on learning about the mechanisms involved in host plant-pest and pest-pest interactions, and field- and landscape-scale insect ecology and pest management.


I serve as the Utah Extension Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Coordinator. This program aims to increase the implementation of IPM on Utah lands (agricultural, urban, range, and forested) through demonstration and education. The Utah Extension IPM program is an interdisciplinary collaboration that involves faculty and staff from across the state.  Ms. Marion Murray, IPM Project Leader, is the key professional staff person who manages the program.  I also co-direct the Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Laboratory.  The UPPDL provides services in pest identification and management recommendations to the citizens of Utah.  Mr. Ryan Davis, Arthropod Diagnostician, is the key professional staff person who manages the diagnostic lab.