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Andrew Kulmatiski

Andrew Kulmatiski

Ecology/Wildland Resources

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: NR 224
IconPhone: 435-797-9485


Life on earth is dominated by the poorly understood organisms that live in the plant-soil continuum.  I examine the mechanisms through which large scale human activities affect plant-soil interactions. Within this context I explore two different themes: plant-soil feedbacks and plant water use. In both lines of research it is my expectation that results will improve natural resource management. For example, I have examined the potential for calcium addition, soil compaction, and activated carbon addition to ameliorate the effects of anthropogenic nitrogen deposition, soil disturbance, and exotic plant growth, respectively. My research, therefore, is expected to have applications in range management, agriculture and silviculture (read more).


Ryan Berry - MS
Leslie Forero - PhD
Josephine Grenzer - PhD
Mehmet Ozturk - MS
Rebecca Tobin - MS

Past Students:
Nicole Nolan (USU)
Michael Mazzacavallo (UAA)
Pascale William (USU)

WILD 3830 - Range Plant Taxonomy and Function
WILD 7200 - Plant Physiological Ecology

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