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Matt Yost

Matt Yost

Ecology/Plants, Soils and Climate

Assistant Professor, Agroclimate Extension Specialist

Contact Information

Office Location: AGRS 325
IconPhone: 435-797-4210

Educational Background

PhD, Applied Plant Sciences, (GIS), University of Minnesota, 2013
MS, Applied Plant Sciences, (Soil Science), University of Minnesota, 2011
BS, Agribusiness, Science, and Technology, Brigham Young University-Idaho, 2009


Dr. Yost is a native of southern Idaho where he was raised on a dairy farm. After completing his PhD, he spent 4 years doing postdoctoral research in the U.S. Midwest. He has authored numerous journal and extension articles on research dealing with nitrogen management, precision agriculture, soil conservation, and bioenergy crops.

1. Kyle Egbert (M.S. Plant Science) – is studying advanced irrigation schedules for water optimization in agriculture.
2. Jonathan Holt (M.S. Plant Science) - is studying advanced irrigation systems and biochar for water optimization in agriculture.
3. Collin Pound (M.S. Soil Science) - is studying how small grains after alfalfa can save nitrogen and water.
4. Cole Harding (M.S. Plant Science) - is studying effectiveness and economics of precision irrigation in tart cherries.
5. Bradley Crookston (Ph.D. Soil Science) – is studying social, agroecological, and agronomic impacts of soil health.