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Eric Hazelton

Eric Hazelton

Ecology/Watershed Sciences

Contact Information

Office Location: BNR 269


Faculty Advisor: Karin Kettenring

Eric began his Ph.D. project in Summer 2010. For his research he will be looking at the restoration potential of Phragmites invaded brackish marshes along the Chesapeake Bay and whether restoration acts as a disturbance to foster increased genetic diversity and sexual reproduction in Phragmites.


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SERC Lab - Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Plant Ecology Lab

USU Lab - Dr. Karin Kettenring's Wetland Ecology Lab


Phragmites australis management in the United States: 40 years of methods and outcomes -  1/2014

Physiological ecology and functional traits of North American native and Eurasian introduced Phragmites australis lineages - 10/2013

Biotic resistance, disturbance, and mode colonization impact the invasion of a widespread, introduced wetland grass - Abstract 7/2014

Clonal growth: invasion or stability?  A comparative study of clonal architecture and diversity in native and introduced lineages of Phragmites australis (Poaceae) - 9/2014