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Tal Avgar

Tal Avgar

Wildland Resources

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: NR 320
IconPhone: (435) 797-0301

Educational Background

PhD, Integrative Biology, University of Guelph, 2013
MS, Environmental Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2007
BS, Geology & Biology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2004


Animal movement and space-use ecology, consumer resource interactions, ecological modeling, biometry


Dr. Avgar is a movement ecologist. His research focuses on the ecological and evolutionary causes and consequences of animal movement behavior. Animals move to enhance fitness, thermoregulate, find water, food, or mates. They also move to avoid predators, competitors, or parasites. The relative importance of those different drives is species, system, and context specific and is often poorly understood. Ultimately, movement behaviors of individual animals translate into the fundamental elements of population dynamics: spatiotemporal patterns of emigration/immigration, survival, and reproduction. The premise behind my research is that quantitative understanding of the processes underlying animal movement behaviors is essential, not only as means to identify ecological needs and interactions at the individual level, but as a mechanistic key to emerging population and community patterns.