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Karen Beard

Karen Beard

Wildland Resources


Contact Information

Office Location: NR 356
IconPhone: (435) 797-8220

Educational Background

PhD, Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University, 2001
MS, Ecosystem Science and Management, Yale University, 1996
BA, Molecular and Cell Biology and Environmental Sciences, 1994


Conservation biology, invasion biology


The research conducted in Dr. Beard's lab spans a broad range of topics but primarily focuses on species interactions and subsequent impacts on ecosystem processes, especially involving issues of invasive species and climate change. Her lab currently has research in Hawaii, Alaska, South Africa, Brazil, and Utah on questions related to impacts of invasives, climate change effects on plant-herbivore and plant-plant interactions, habitat fragmentation, and restoration efforts. Dr. Beard works with a wide range of taxa from amphibians to birds to plants. The ultimate goal of Dr. Beard's research is to improve management decisions about non-native species and how to manage habitat and species in the face of global change.