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Karin Kettenring

Karin Kettenring

Watershed Sciences


Contact Information

Office Location: NR 230, Lab NR 111
IconPhone: (435) 797-2546


Wetland ecology and restoration


Dr. Kettenring's research address basic and applied questions related to wetland, plant, seed, invasion, and restoration ecology. She addresses questions such as:

  1. What limits the restoration of wetland plant communities?
  2. What role do plant species and genetic diversity play in restoring the structure and function of wetlands?
  3. What makes invasive plants successful, what are their impacts, and how can we best manage them in wetlands?
  4. How do short and long-term drought, and intensive water management, affect wetland plant communities?
Dr. Kettenring's research sites include brackish wetlands of the Great Salt Lake and Chesapeake Bay, riparian wetlands along the Platte River, and prairie wetlands in MN and IA.