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Andrew Kulmatiski

Andrew Kulmatiski

Wildland Resources

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: NR 224
IconPhone: (435) 881-5496

Educational Background

PhD, Biology, Utah State University, Logan, Utah, 2005
MS, Forest soil nutrient storage, Yale, New Haven, Connecticut, 1999
BA, Biology, Colby College, Waterville, Maine, 1994


Mechanisms through which large scale human activities affect plant-soil interactions.


Dr. Kulmatiski examines the mechanisms through which large scale human activities affect plant-soil interactions. Within this context he explores two different themes: plant-soil feedbacks and plant water use. In both lines of research it is his expectation that results will improve natural resource management. For example, he has examined the potential for calcium addition, soil compaction, and activated carbon addition to ameliorate the effects of anthropogenic nitrogen deposition, soil disturbance, and exotic plant growth, respectively. Therefore, his research is expected to have applications in range management, agriculture and silviculture.