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Alan Savitzky

Alan Savitzky



Contact Information

Office Location: BNR 235D
IconPhone: (435) 797-0193

Educational Background

PhD, Biology (Herpetology), University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, 1979
MA, Biology (Herpetology), University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, 1974
BA, Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, 1972


Evolution, morphology, development, chemical ecology, and conservation of snakes


Dr. Savitzky is a herpetologist, with broad interests in the morphology, ecology, and conservation of amphibians and reptiles, especially snakes.  As an organismal biologist, his interests focus on understanding patterns of evolution among snakes from the perspectives of their anatomy, development, and interactions with prey and predators within natural communities.  Currently, he is particularly interested in the topic of sequestered chemical defenses in snakes.