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Soren Brothers

Soren  Brothers

Watershed Science/Ecology

Contact Information

Office Location: BNR 269
IconPhone: 435-797-4152


At USU, Soren runs the Limno-Lab. We here focus on three primary themes:

1)     How do carbon cycling (generally) and metabolic processes (specifically) in lakes and other aquatic ecosystems vary between ecological regions, and how are they responding to anthropogenic stressors such as eutrophication and climate change?

2)     What role do benthic/littoral processes play in potential short- and long-term shifts in aquatic ecosystem functioning?

3)     Can the conceptualization of ecosystems as exhibiting self-stabilizing regimes assist our efforts to conserve and manage these ecosystems?

Within these themes, the Limno-Lab focuses on a broad range of topics and ideas, ranging from microbial processes, up through food web relationships, and all the way to local, regional, or global patterns in the way lakes interact with their surrounding landscapes and the Earth’s atmosphere.

Anyone interested in working with the Limno-Lab should call or email Dr. Brothers. Serious applicants should include a concise description of what their goals and interests are, a current CV, and a sample of their writing style (scientific or non-scientific).