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R. Justin DeRose

R. Justin DeRose

Ecology Center & Wildland Resources Department

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: NR326


My research focuses on improving our understanding of the structure and function of forested ecosystems through the study of, silviculture and applied forest ecology, regeneration ecology, stand dynamics, production ecology, and the developing science of climate change adaptation. Our lab has expertise in using tree-ring-based approaches to understand stand dynamics, disturbance ecology and disturbance interactions, and reconstruction of past climates. We also use large-scale data sets, such as the USDA Forest Service, Forest Inventory and Analysis program, to better understand climate change effects on forested systems. Natural resource management is entering an era of increased uncertainty due to climate change, a focus on processes like wildfire and bark beetle outbreaks that occur at large spatial and temporal scales, and rapidly shifting public perceptions of forest management. My research program helps provide novel interpretations of pressing management issues, such as building resistance and resilience of forests, improving growth and yield modeling approaches for forestry practitioners, and the development of contemporary silvicultural approaches for adaptation to climate change.