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David Tarboton

David  Tarboton

Ecology/Civil and Environmental Engineering


Contact Information

Office Location: ENGR 230
IconPhone: 435-797-3172


Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Utah Water Research Laboratory, Utah State University. Sc.D. and M.S. in Civil Engineering (Water Resources and Hydrology) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Web Page: or my CEE page

My research is in the area of surface water hydrology at the disciplinary interface between hydrology and information technology. I focus on advancing the capability for hydrologic prediction by developing models that take advantage of new information and process understanding enabled by new technology. I strive to advance understanding through research that integrates information from multiple sources and synthesizes modeling and numerical analysis with field observations and hydrologic information systems. I lead the development of HydroShare (, a hydrologic information system for sharing hydrologic data and models operated by the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. My group has developed and supports open source software packages implementing many of the research capabilities developed. This includes the Terrain Analysis using Digital Elevation Models (TauDEM) package for derivation of hydrologic information from digital elevation models, and the Utah Energy Balance snowmelt model. Ecology related research examines the classification and potential impacts of climate change on ecologically relevant streamflow regimes.